Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of all our visitors at and your privacy is our priority. The personal information collected or received from all our users from our site and how the information is used is well outlined in the policy document.

Please feel free at any time through our contact page to reach us for any clarification, question or any other information concerning our privacy policy as outlined.

Use of Log Files

For better communication protocol, the use of log files is highly considered in our website Just like any other website the log file contains the information that is general and cannot be used to personally identify a user except the device being used, the location of the user and few other thing but nothing personal. These information include the type of the browser the being used, the internet service provider that is in place at the time the user is online, it also has a time stamp to break down events and show what time exactly an action occurred, the IP address which vary at any time of connection to the internet. To help gather more comprehensive and demographic information our site is enabled with number of clicks to show and give the true picture of site usage and how the users are moving around the site.

Web Beacons in the Site and Cookies

Our policy in the site is against the use of cookies and we discourage this. To give the information we partner with many other sites that may have different policies. We partner with others site like Google Adsense which may use web beacons and cookies. Since we partner with them for advertising purposes they end up using the web beacons and cookies in our site

As a third party vender, and to serve ads, it uses cookies on our website this enable it on our site other website to serve ads. To get more on the google policy and to check more on cookies user can visit the link to have a clear picture

The link from our website is sent directly to your browser by the use of technology from our advertising partner and this in turn make your IP address to be received immediately. To personalize some other advertisement made to you and to make them more effective a third party advertising the site may use other technologies like web beacons, JavaScript and cookies

The control of other site we partner with is beyond us, so the use of cookies in the site of the third party can have little solution from us.

To get control of certain thing, it is advisable that you go through the private policy of the respective third parties. This will give you the instruction on how to avoid certain practices that are already existing which may not be found in privacy policy and we have limited control over them.

It is possible to stop the whole trouble of cookies by simply disabling them in your browser. To do this it is simple and a step by step instructions are provided in the related site. Feel free to do so.

If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with us.