Meet Alison Lewis

Alison Lewis
Alison Lewis (@alisonlewis) blogs at Ingredients, Inc., and is a professional recipe developer and food stylist. Her first book is 400 Best Sandwich Recipes. This year at FoodBlogSouth Teen, she’ll show young bloggers how to create their own recipes.
We’ve got a lot of people coming to Birmingham from out of town. Got a recommendation for one thing everyone should do before they leave?
Before you leave town, try Bettola and any of Frank Stitt’s restaurants (Bottega Restaurant and Cafe, Highlands Bar and Grill, and Chez Fonfon), and visit Railroad Park.
How’d you start blogging?
After 7 years of working as a professional recipe developer and food writer, I started my blog to share to everyone all of my favorite passions in the kitchen and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.
Anything you’re excited about sharing at FoodBlogSouth 2012?
I am excited to share that my second published book will be out in October 2012. Title TBA.

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