12 Startling Sunflower Lecithin Benefits


Sunflower Lecithin refers to a phospholipid based dietary supplement that’s rich in Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE), Phosphatidylcholine (PC), Phosphatidylinositol (PI) and Omega-6 (Linoleic Acid), which are considered to be beneficial to the brain as well as the nervous system. The supplement has a favorable phospholipid profile as compared to the regular lecithin from soybeans. In is natural form, this unique fatty substance has become really popular with the health enthusiasts thanks to its ability to improve body cholesterol levels, improve circulatory as well as the nervous system functions. Here are 12 amazing sunflower lecithin benefits:

1. Promoting Faster Healing

Sunflower lecithin has potent linoleic and oleic acids that help to speed up the release of inflammatory transmitters (cytokines) to body areas that are injured. You can apply the sunflower lecithin directly to the affected minor wound areas for an almost immediate pain relief.

Besides promoting wound healing, sunflower lecithin supplement also destroy any germs or bacteria present in the injured parts of the body with a lot of ease. However, it’s always advisable to consult a health expert when you’ve developed any major wound.

2. Healthier Brain

Sunflower lecithin supplement is loaded with the phospholipids: phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylinositol. Each of these phospholipids is a major ingredient that the body uses in creating, repairing and strengthening brain as well as the nerve cells. Individuals who suffer from the degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia have shown significant improvements in their health conditions when a daily dosage of 35mg or even more of sunflower lecithin supplement is administered.

3. Protects cells

Lecithin is an important component of every cell in the body. Considered as being keystone in the construction of body cells, lecithin prevents hardening of the cell membranes. Healthy cells usually lead to a healthier body, and the cell membranes are an important part in monitoring the cell’s output and intake. Protecting cells is vital in maintaining the body’s resistance to several diseases that attack the damaged cells. Even though phospholipids like lecithin are normally produced in certain amounts throughout all the major body organs (such as the liver, kidney and heart), they can still be supplemented by taking sunflower lecithin so as to further enhance their benefits.

4. Alleviating Arthritis

Lecithin, which is also naturally produced in the human body, is a fatty and viscous fluid that’s usually found between all the major body joints. The lecithin that’s found in body joints is used for the lubrication purposes. If insufficient, this phospholipid is likely to result to joint stiffness that will possibly lead to several permanent joint disorders and other health issues like rheumatoid arthritis.

You can alleviate arthritis or other forms of severe joint pain easily by consuming sunflower lecithin. The supplement will be absorbed after which it will be used by the body in lubricating the affected joints. It is highly recommended that you consume between 40 -100 mg of sunflower lecithin supplement daily so as to achieve this amazing health benefit.

5. Cholesterol Lowering 

Since sunflower lecithin is a fat emulsifier, it is also a vital component that’s used by the human body to remove the excess fats from the bloodstream, including free cholesterol and triglycerides. Linoleic acid is the most important ingredient found in sunflower lecithin which helps the liver in accomplishing this task. Olive oil is the only other lecithin-containing plant which contains as much linoleic acid as sunflower.

6. Aids memory

In addition to the circulatory, metabolic and heart benefits, lecithin has shown tendency to help the brain in learning and memory. Studies conducted about the effects of lecithin on the brain have shown that users of this supplement are more likely to experience increased memory and the ability to recall certain information as compared to those who don’t. The brain benefits of lecithin are promising to people who might be suffering from memory-specific neurological conditions. Improved recall and memory is a sign of the brain’s overall standard of health, and it might imply benefits that extend to cognitive and orientation thought processes.

7. Strengthening the Nervous System

The numerous fatty acids that are found in sunflower lecithin supplement have the ability of increasing the overall neurotransmitter activity while still strengthening the body nerve tissues when consumed. All the nerve fibers in the human body are made up of “myelin sheaths“. These are essentially complex information railroads that usually allow all the available nerve impulses to move to their relevant destination.

If disrupted, the nerve impulses might end up throwing the whole nervous system out of balance. When consumed, Sunflower lecithin can easily reverse all the inappropriate changes that are done to the nervous system by keeping the overall functions of the nerves healthy on a constant basis.

8. Blood pressure

As we’ve already mentioned, linoleic acid in sunflower lecithin usually works by breaking down the excess fats that normally accumulate in the body including triglycerides and cholesterol. When triglyceride and cholesterol levels are elevated too much, they might accumulate on the walls of the arteries thus causing a condition called arteriosclerosis. This is simply thickening of the arteries that’s likely to lead to high blood pressure, heart attack or even stroke.

9. Liver Repair

When the liver becomes over-loaded with the excess lipids, they start accumulating inside the organ instead of being eliminated through the bowels as they are supposed to. The condition is commonly referred to as non-alcoholic fatty liver’s disease and it is a growing epidemic that normally causes type-II diabetes, liver cancer and even cirrhosis. The phospholipids found in sunflower lecithin also help in keeping the liver clear of these excess lipids. This in turn helps the liver to work more efficiently.

10. Antioxidant ability

Majority of us are aware of the importance of antioxidants to human health. Sunflower lecithin supplement can provide you with one of the most powerful antioxidants in form of phosphatidylcholine.

Getting enough antioxidants in your diet is important to prevent cellular damage that’s caused by oxidative stress. The cellular damage might lead to a wide range of sicknesses such as cancer and heart disease. In addition, it can also cause you to age prematurely both externally and internally.

11. Sunflower Lecithin is Estrogen Free

Sunflower lecithin doesn’t contain estrogen unlike the other popular natural supplements such as soy that contain high levels of phytoestrogen. When present in the body, phytoestrogens can force both men and women to produce estrogen; a harmful hormone that’s known to cause adrenal gland as well as thyroid autoimmune disorders.

Estrogen also causes breast growth in women and men, weight gain, early menopause, sexual dysfunction among several other metabolic complications. This makes it healthier to substitute harmful natural supplements with the sunflower lecithin, which is nutritious and completely safe.

12. Improving the quality of sleep

Sunflower lecithin is also highly beneficial to people who are suffering from various sleep disorders, more so insomnia. This is mainly because the natural sunflower lecithin supplement contains more choline than any other natural plant or animal food source that’s available today.

In addition, when consumed, the choline compound found in this natural supplement is easily converted to acetylcholine; a compound that’s lacking in most individuals who are suffering from sleep disorders. Acetylcholine can also help in improving overall sleep patterns, hence positively affecting the overall sleep quality.

To sum it up, sunflower lecithin provides a wide range of amazing health benefits which can be used in improving the overall health of the body. This natural health supplement is quite different from any other supplement on the market since there are no allergic reactions which have been documented to date. The supplement is also processed using natural organic cold-pressing methods thus making it safe for use and consumption. 

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