10 Amazing Health Benefits of Goat Milk


Today, a very large number of people worldwide rely on cows to provide them with milk. It is important to note that most indigestion issues associated with humans actually emanate from consumption of compromised dairy milk. A significant number of people who consume cow milk on regular basis suffer from gas and bloating; and research has shown that antibiotics, genetically modified (GMO) feeds, growth hormones, and vaccinations render cow produce toxic.
Goat milk offers the perfect alternative in its raw and organic form, and that’s why the relatively small percentage of world population that relies on it has no allergy or digestive issues. It is a shame that presently, only 2 percent of the global population consume goat milk given the natural health benefits it contains.

Health Benefits of Goat Milk

Study has shown that goat milk can only be bettered by human milk in terms of chemical make up. It is also a proven fact that the human body readily accepts and digests goat milk as opposed to cow milk that poses several in-digestive complications to the human system before getting assimilated. Goat milk does not require homogenization and therefore, it is cheaper to process as it contains relatively little fat molecules that do not separate, but remain suspended in natural cream. According to several case studies, it is suggested that because very young children have special nutritional needs, goat milk might not be introduced until much later during their growth and development.

The fact that goat milk is composed of less fat as compared to cow milk does not necessarily suggest that it lacks entirely in fat content. However, it is safe to say that its milk has little fat molecules and that makes it easy and quick to digest. The large number of overweight individuals globally can do better with goat milk as it naturally takes care of their fat needs in their nutrition as compared to cow milk that is high in fat.

Among the richest calcium-rich foods features goat milk in its organic form. Most people take cow milk for purposes of boosting their bone strength through calcium intake, which is a great thing by the way. In comparison, goat milk offers even greater amounts of the amino acid tryptophan and calcium, and hence poses far less side effects as compared to cow milk. With adequate intake of calcium in the body, you ensure that you will continue enjoying having strong bones even in your advanced years.

Goat milk contains an incredible 35 percent of fatty acids, and if you’ll compare it with cow milk which contains only 17 percent of the same, you’ll realize that goat milk is the ideal nutritional choice. More than half of the people who cannot tolerate lactose in cow milk find it much easier to digest goat milk in its raw form, which makes it the best health alternative. In terms of heart health, fatty acids available in goat milk are necessary in countering coronary complications such as stroke, heart attack, and atherosclerosis among others.

It is not a coincidence that goat milk has been used before in several medicinal cultures as a nourishing agent as it is known to regenerate an already worked up nervous system. It is extremely nutritious as it offers more than enough of your daily nutritional needs in a single cup. It contains riboflavin, phosphorous, vitamin B12, potassium and protein in immense quantities, making it the perfect nourishing option for humans. It has been proven that you can find a lot of sufficient nutrients in a single cup of goat milk, which means that you will not need large quantities to be able to satisfy your daily needs.

In modern agriculture, dairy farmers use bovine somatotropin and bovine growth hormones for purposes of increasing milk production in cows; methods considered unnatural, and to some degree unhealthy. Goats on the other hand are reared in the most natural way and are not treated with any of these substances. In terms of health, goat’s milk becomes not only non-toxic but also readily natural and beneficial making it the safest for human consumption.

Goat milk contains selenium, a very important trace mineral that keeps the human immune system in check, and regulates it to function normally. This is a very rare mineral that provides full protection from illnesses and infections to humans. The presence of potassium in goat milk also provides cover for individuals who are prone to high blood pressure and related cardiovascular complications. This is because potassium is itself a vasodilator that relieves tension and relaxes blood vessels.

The one reason that makes most people love goat milk is that it gives them freedom to consume it without experiencing inflammation and indigestion associated with cow milk. This is because of an enzyme present in goat milk that soothes the gut making it the best choice especially for people with high to low indigestive limitations.

Despite being rich in fatty acids, goat milk does not contain ‘bad’ fat whatsoever. It is the best nutritional choice for individuals wishing to lose weight without necessarily compromising their nutritional needs. It contains the required nutrients even in small quantities, just what every human needs for healthy living.

One of the most essential elements of growth and development is protein. By virtue of being highly rich in proteins among other equally essential nutrients, goat milk facilitates muscle, bone, tissues, and cells growth which in turn stimulates overall body growth through steady protection of metabolic processes.

In a nutshell…
While it can be assumed that cow milk will remain the most dominant for the unforeseeable future, it is important for people to know that there is indeed a much better alternative that should give them a much better nutritional advantage. Goat milk may not be as readily available as cow milk, but the fact is, it will provide humans with rich sources of much of what they require daily in their lives. It does not necessarily mean that cow milk is not good for human consumption, but in light of the above health benefits, there is no denying the fact that goat milk has an advantage.

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